How to repair a leaky roof | Watco

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Restore and repair a flat roof with ease using Roofite Pour and Restore. Apply this thick, flexible and totally watertight roof coating for flat roof to repair and protect your premises in no time.
• Large areas covered quickly and easily
• Levels slightly undulating surfaces to help drainage and reduce puddling
• Avoids costly re-roofing
• Bridges minor cracks and splits

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Flat roof repair and construction – how to install and replace flat roof (Argyle Roofing)

This video illustrates the basic procedure for installing and replacing a flat roof.
Since the video was made, there have been advances in industry working practices, and the techniques used today differs from those shown.
Specialist Roofing Services from Argyle Roofing
With the expertise and resources to undertake any size of contract, our team of experienced roofers will undertake every roofing job with the same professional approach. We understand that you trust us to carry out critical work on your building, be it your home or a commercial property.
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How To Fix A Saggy Roof

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Hey Guys, Today I will be working in my attic to fix an issue that is causing my roof to sag. Our house was built in the mid 60’s and this is an issue a lot of older houses have especially if modifications were not done correctly. Check out the video to see an easy way to reinforce you roof to correct a saggy roof and prevent it from sagging further.

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METAL ROOF REPAIR – a must see for all METAL ROOF owners -Turbo Poly Seal
This METAL ROOF REPAIR is a must-see for every owner that has a METAL ROOF. This is a very important repair that could save your roof from disaster.
To buy Turbo Poly Seal or Super Silicone Seal –
Many attempts have been taken to repair the seam on metal roofs without any success. Most people will use tar and caulking trying to fix or seal the overlapping panel seam on a metal roof. Tar will dry out and crack and caulking does not last.
Turbo Poly Seal is a tried and tested method to repair these seams. It is essential to prepare the surface properly to make this repair last.

Ten steps to repair a metal roof permanently:
1. Clean and remove all tar and caulking
2. Remove hex screws holding the two panels together
3. Remove the metal bar that was used to clamp the two panels together
4. Use an angle grinder with a stiff metal bristle to remove most of the silicone and tar
5. Use Lacquer Thinners to wipe clean the area
6. Fasten the overlapping metal seam with pan head screws leaving out the metal bracket
7. Apply one coat of Turbo Poly Seal covering about three inches on either side of the seam
8. Cut a polyester fleece to the size of one bay and place it over the wet painted coat of Turbo Poly Seal
9. Pait a final coat of Turbo Poly Seal covering the Polyester fleece.
10. After 24 hours, paint a coat of Aluminum Asphalt paint over the Turbo Poly Seal to protect it against ultraviolets

This repair will last many years if the preparation was done right.

0:00 Metal Roof Repair
0:41 Pointing out the issue on seams
0:55 Explaining about Aluminum Coating
2:10 Using Torch to remove Tar
2:37 Lot of rust under the tar
4:00 Scraping Tar off after heating it
4:55 found water and rust under metal strip
5:22 Angle grinder to remove rust
5:34 Replacing Hex screws with Pan Heads
6:00 Installing Turbo Poly Seal over the seam
7:25 Explaining why replacing screws
8:03 Teaching Jose English
8:35 Covering Turbo Poly Seal with Silver Coat

Repair a Damaged EPDM Rubber Roof- No More Leaks! (Easy How-To)

In this video you are going to see just how easy it is to repair a small area of damage on your EPDM Rubber flat roof using one of our Patch Repair Kits.
Has your roof sustained a tear or rip perhaps resulting in a leak?
With your Rubber4roofs repair kit on hand this won’t take you long at all!

You will see how to repair your roof in just 5 easy steps:
-Clean the area and measure the patch.
-Cut the patch to size.
-Prime the area using R4R primer.
-Peel the backing off the patch and stick down to cured primer.
-Ensure good contact with the seam roller to finish and provide a strong lasting repair.

We hope you find this video useful. Leave a comment to let us know how your repair went.
Please visit us at to see all of our products.

➢024 7666 7234

No responsibility or liability is accepted for the information provided in this video. You are responsible for your own health and safety. Activity with our products whether at ground level or at height is entirely at your risk. If you are an employer you must protect your workers and others from getting hurt or ill through work.

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A detailed look into how to repair a roof leak on a shingled valley return. I go into great detail about how to fix a valley from leaking and how to install step flashing (shingle tins), valley metal, and asphalt shingles to make this simple roof repair

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Ceiling/Roof Repair and Update — Episode #4 Trailer Remodel

This episode goes over the process of assessing the damage in the ceiling and patching the leak in the roof. After replacing insulation and the MDF ceiling panel I used Polypropylene sheeting for the roof. We like the end result and how easy it is to clean/install.

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What to Expect When Changing Your Roof

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It’s roof renovation day! It’s a lot of really hard work and to be honest with you, I’m getting to be that age where if I fell off a roof now it would probably be catastrophic. Today I’ve got a crew out here, we’re going to go through the entire roofing process and the materials that we need.
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