Roof Repair Using Kwik Plug Patch

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I like to keep my instructional videos informative, professional, and to the point. This is not one of those videos. I’m not a contractor, roofer, or handyman. I don’t advise you do anything in this video. This is just a look into a typical weekend at my house, especially if I have something unexpected to repair. It’s sarcastic, full of bad jokes, and worse advice.

All that being said, this patch has worked great! We’ve had a bunch of rain since I made this repair, and I see no signs of water in my attic or on the inside of the sheathing. A bundle of shingles, roll of tar paper, and the patch was less than $100, and it took me a couple hours to knock out, with filming! Regardless if this isn’t the right way to patch a roof, it worked. If it keeps water out of my house, it’s good enough. I hope you enjoyed the video!

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Intro: (0:00)
Temp Repair: (0:40)
The Hole: (2:26)
Shingle Removal: (2:52)
Cutting a Larger Hole: (4:13)
Repair: (5:25)
Outtake – Jets: (6:43)

Anahaw Roof Repair @ Villa Rhodora Private Resort #PansolLaguna

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Cut and Dry – Electronic Hard by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



Flat Roof Leak!! Felt Roof Causing Wet Patch On Bedroom Ceiling. Easy Fix

‘tis the gift that keeps on giving, roof leaks! Last night we had a super heavy rain downpour which highlighted a small roof leak in our second bedroom. We have multiple flat roofs on our house, all of which are at the end of their life but I need to temporarily fix the leak with some gloop as winter is coming.

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Product used below, Screwfix significantly cheaper than Amazon:

Bostik Flexacryl

Bostik Flexacryl

How to Install Underlayment | Shingle Roof Install Guide

Underlayment is a necessary part of every roofing system. There is underlayment for tile, metal and shingle roofs, each serving the purpose of separating the roofing material from the plywood underneath. In this video, we’ll look at the process of underlayment installation on a shingle roof.

We are an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred contractor, and in this video we are installing Owens Corning Deck Defense synthetic underlayment.

0:00 Intro
0:07 explanation – what is underlayment
1:10 Why you install drip edge first
1:49 how to start installation
2:44 nailing pattern and distance
3:37 going around a penetration
4:52 overlapping two pieces of underlayment
5:52 working up against a wall
6:37 the type of nails used to install underlayment
7:16 working in tight corners and smaller spaces
7:55 the process with ice and water shield

This is one video of our latest series, “The Shingle Roof Install Guide,” where we will walk you through every step of the process when installing a brand new shingle roof. From the drip edge to ice and water shield, from starter strip to flashing, we will give you all the details on how to install a shingle roof. So check out the rest of that series here:

We are a licensed and insured roofing contractor based in Burbank, CA, so keep that in mind when you watch our videos, as roofing regulations are different across the country.

We service the Los Angeles area, and if you’re looking for a trusted roofer, be sure to contact us today for a free estimate!

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Roof inspection for leak – Roof repair or roof replacement?

Should this roof get a repair or roof replacement? All too often we get called out to look at and give an estimate for a leak repair. When a roof has been repaired this many times, where do you draw the line and say it’s had enough repairs. It’s time for a new roof! What’s your thoughts on this particular one roof repair or new roof?
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Porch roof repair

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Just another porch roof repair we busted out in a day.


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A tree fell on this roof and I was contracted to repair the hole, this video includes the removal of the shingles felt and damaged plywood where the hole is then it gets covered with ice and water shield followed by felt all edges sealed with elastomaric tar sealant then starter for the edge and replacement of the damaged shingles. After it’s all nailed in I seal the tar strip on the old shingles that were disturbed! Enjoy #roofrepair

How to repair and re-paint a damaged fibreglass flat roof

We appreciate your support via patreon For small repairs you can purchase the fibreglass repair kit here –

This video shows the repair and re-coating in grey of a fibreglass roof in London. A section of the fibreglass has delaminated due to a fault in the original installation. As a result the top coat also failed in places. The fibreglass was repaired and the top gel coat reapplied. Enjoy.
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