45 thoughts on “12 Easy Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

  1. EyeRoseUp

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH. I love this and I’m gonna use so many of these as soon as I’m done typing this. We just purchased a old farmhouse and I’m currently trying to fit all our things from a very large modern home into all these small Spaces and it’s getting cluttered fast and this is after we gave away so many things to anybody that needed them 😳. I know I definitely need to do some remodeling but I am not going to change the feel of this house because I absolutely love it so I totally appreciate your ideas so thank you so much and I will absolutely be looking at all your amazing ideas. 👍🏽❤️😃

  2. Dianne Agostini

    Love it!! Don't have to cost more than average person can afford. Utilize items from the Dollar Tree, Dollar General or other Dollar type stores near you. Also, go to thrift stores and repurpose! I thought it was crazy at 1st, but WOW, I've learned to DIY so much watching all the DIY channels especially the Dollar Tree ones. I'm in process of reorganizing my small kitchen & so many ideas, I've drawn it out how I want my pantry, stove side & counter tops and will be headed to the Dollar Tree & Walmart this weekend along with some repurposing & letting go of!! Thanks for so much inspiration…

  3. enduringpromise

    Some ideas were great. I highly recommend never to put anything over a stove top burner except what you intend on cooking. The Facebook groups I am a member of shows examples of what happens when this is done. The burners get accidentally turned on and then you end up with a house fire.

  4. Wendy Humphreys Tebbutt

    Great information. Thanks so much. I really appreciate the subtitles, as your voice gets a bit into the "moany, groany, croaky" style of speaking. As a singing coach, I find it hard to take. So, again, I really appreciate you sharing the text so I can mute the volume. Wishing you a wonderful 2020.


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