20+ White Kitchen Ideas

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White Kitchen Ideas & Dining Room Decorating Ideas. Music: Jazz & Blues, E’s Jammy Jams – YouTube Audio Library. Video – RunmanReCords. White Color …


3 thoughts on “20+ White Kitchen Ideas

  1. SandyyyviveFirst

    Beautifull kitchens! I love them! A question. Do you recomend to have a dishwasher at home? I have been thinking on buying one, but somebody told me that it doesn't work Well, that you have to prewash the dishes in the kitchen sink before put them in to the dishwasher, that the only that you can wash there are dishes, glasses, spoons, knifes… Well only little things! Is that true? Well, that make me feel insecure and with a lot of doubts about buy it! Another thing that I don't know, Does the dishwasher use cold and hot water or use only hot? If is the last! I'll think that is expensive to have one at home! Is the reason what I need your help! Please tell me if it is a good idea to pay for it! I don't want to regret in the futuro if it isn't! I'll appreciate a lot your help! My best regards!! 🙂


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