34 thoughts on “25 Ideas to Re organize Your Small Kitchen

  1. Katy Lerch

    nope. not practical. some ideas are plausible but most were not helpful. The baby food jars were the least helpful. Spices and herbs go bad in no time. Creating a practical magnetic storage solution that preserves freshness would be a winner. The magnetic tin cups with removable lids can work but you need to store spices and herbs in very small plastic ziplock bags inside to preserve.

  2. Ellen Abendschoen

    The one problem is if you use your oven to store items. If you have to use your oven you have to take everything out of the oven to use it. That is my problem. I live in a townhouse and the kitchen is long and narrow with cabinets on my side. Small counter space.

  3. Anna Soloviova

    There are some interesting ideas about shelves. But the most part is useless, especially part about kitchen islands. And also it sounded weird when she said "you also have to be very stylish". Really? Have to? Very? Are you making video for trophy wives??

  4. Krzykatldy86

    It's great suggestions so long as there is enough room for what you are suggesting. But it won't work in my small kitchen with a high kitchen cabinet and only one layer of shelving. No space between ref . And wall. No useable wall space. And if I tried to use peg board, I'm in an apartment . Each time a neighbor moved behind the pegboard would fill up with roaches from the devil's home. You had nothing there for me. Except I am already useing my oven ad a cabinet.

  5. Elisa Finch

    I saw chicken big with island, people not cook prefere in California fast food..and go to the restaurand attend for people never go to the school to learn cook…something we need change..


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