5 common mistakes to avoid when Repair Metal Roof leaks – Turbo Poly Seal

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When people repair metal roof leaks, they use products and techniques that will do more harm to a metal roof than fixing it.
Turbo Poly Seal is the only flexible material that will bond to metal and not crack.
Avoid these 5 things to prevent your metal roof from further damage.
5 Never do’s on a Metal Roof Repair:
00:00 5 things never do Metal Roof repair
00:08 1. Never use Tar on a metal roof
01:00 2. Replacing screws size up
01:43 3. Never caulk screws
02:06 4. Never step on the risers
02:56 5. Never caulk seams
03:47 6. FIX the leaks instead of coating
05:00 Use grinder with a wire brush
05:08 Remove the old screws
05:42 Replace with larger screws
05:53 Stir Turbo Poly Seal
06:00 Dab screws with Turbo Poly seal
06:19 Grind clean Rust areas
06:35 Paint a coat of Turbo over the rust
06:53 Use Silver Coat Protection

How to repair/Seal leaks around screws:
1. Remove the screw with a screw gun – https://thd.co/34wjpQG
2. Take a grinder with a wire brush and clean the area where the screw was – https://thd.co/3wQvHQl
3. Use a 1 size larger screw with a neoprene washer and screw into the existing screw hole, make it snug and don’t overtighten
4. Use a brush and dab Turbo Poly Seal over the screw and are around the screw

Metal Roofs that have exposed screws need maintenance over time. The neoprene washers will dry out and shrink over time causing water to leak in around the screw. The other problem is when water accumulates around the screw and under the washer, corrosion will set in.

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