Flat Roof Leak Repair – Paint on Liquid Waterproof Sealant

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Even roofers get a leak sometimes. After the last 48 hour downpour here in the UK I got a leak in my felt flat roof, it’s a Job that has been scheduled for last year that I never quite got round to.

In this video you can see me using a very common liquid waterproofer used in the trade for various small repairs just like sealing this felt roof. It seals to most surfaces with no adverse reaction and is ideal for no flame roof repairs, especially when reinforced over small splits or cracks.

Relatively cheap to buy in some roofing yards, but often overpriced in builders merchants, the link above will take you to my webpage dedicated to various types of flat roof repair, and there is an affiliate link to some Acrylic waterproofer at the best price I could find if you want some.

Hope it helps.

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