FLAT ROOF LEAK REPAIR : Repairing a rubber roof leak very simple and easy and fast- GAME CHANGER

How to repair a flat roof leak. Most EPDM rubber roofs start to leak at the seams, especially where it meets a skylight or vent pipe. By using Super Silicone Seal one can make these repairs very easily and inexpensively.

11 steps on how to repair a flat roof leak:

1. Locate the general area on the roof where the leak appears below in the building
2. Most likely it will be flashing around a skylight or vent pipe
3. Take a rag with water and wash the roof clean
4. Make sure the surface is completely dry
5. Locate the leaky seam by slightly lifting the membrane up, especially in the corners. Sometimes water will squirt out from between the seams or patches.
6. Once the leak is identified, use Lacquer Thinners to clean the area around the leak
7. Tape off a rectangular square approximately 2 1/2inches on either side of the leak where you want to make the repair
8. Apply 1 coat of Super Silicone Seal covering the entire surface between the masking tape
9. Cut a Polyester Fleece to size and embed it into the Super Silicone Seal
10. Apply a topcoat of Sealant covering the fleece
11. Remove the masking tape

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0:00 EPDM Rubber Roof Repair
0:12 Many Patches are an indication
0:50 Cleaning and Prepping EPDM
2:35 Cutting Fleece to size
3:02 Stirring the Super Silicone Seal
3:30 Showing EPDM Stretchability
4:34 Applying 1st coat Super Silicone Seal
5:12 Embedding Fleece into the coating
5:36 Applying 2nd coating over fleece
7:00 Final Results

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