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FLAT ROOF WATER LEAK REPAIR? Everyone should have this sealant. It is super easy and it works.
Caulking has its place, but not to seal flashing, chimney cracks, or skylights. Caulking will shrink and the small surfaces that it is attached to will pull loose.
Areas where to find issues on a roof that causes leaks:
1. Flashing against walls, chimneys, skylights, vent pipes, and air conditioners cause over 90% of leaks on flat roofs.
2. Drains account for the least causes of leaks
3. Welded seams on rubber roofs can come undone and cause leaks
4. Siding – any crack in siding could cause leaks on the roof

Turbo Poly Seal https://bergstromm.com/
See how to repair the flashing on a leaky flat roof.
Follow these steps:
1. Remove all old caulking and tar that was used to seal the flashing
2. Use an angle grinder with a hard-wire steel cone brush to remove about five inches of paint on the brick or cement wall above the metal flashing
3. Wipe the metal flashing thoroughly with lacquer thinners to remove any residue of silicone from the metal
4. Use masking tape to seal about three inches on the wall above the metal and also 2 inches below the grove on the metal. (this is for making it look clean when done)
5. Apply one coat of Turbo Poly Seal covering the entire area between the two masking tapes.
6. While wet, embed the Polyester Fleece into the Turbo Poly Seal
7. Apply a coat of Turbo Poly Seal to cover the entire fleece
8. Wait 10 min and then remove the masking tape.
8. After a few days, the Turbo Poly Seal flashing can be painted with urethane-based paint.

0:00 Flat Roof Leak Repair
0:32 Flashing on Block Wall
1:23 Paint peeling
1:49 Grinding off paint to prepare
2:25 Using Hilti Gun securing flashing
3:40 Fill Gap with urethane caulking
5:08 Applying Turbo Poly Seal on Flashing
5:43 Embed Polyester Fleece on the Turbo Poy Seal
6:02 2nd Coat of Turbo Poly Seal
6:48 Summary
7:25 The Flat Roof Doctor

This method will ensure that the flashing will be sealed and no more leaks on the flat roof. Turbo Poly Seal can be used for other flashing details on flat roofs such as skylights, vent pipes, and drains.
How to determine if the flashing is leaking:
1. Use a putty knife and poke it in between the caulking and the wall surface. Usually, the caulking or sealant loosens up from the brick surface.
2. Walk next to the wall where the flashing is to see if any soft areas on the roof can be detected.
3. A leak or stain on the ceiling below could also be a telltale.
4. Find a person that is familiar with roof repairs to help determine where the leak is coming from.
Like any other part of a building or house, flat roofs should have a maintenance schedule by a professional. There is nothing in life that lasts forever, and Flat Roofs, especially the flashing, is one of those areas that need periodic maintenance.
The grinder to sand the paint off https://www.homedepot.com/s/milwakee%2520grinder?NCNI-5
Urethane caulking – https://www.homedepot.com/s/Urethane%2520caulking?NCNI-5
The most common place for leaks on flat roofs is the flashing. The counter flashing on the cement block comes loose and causes leaks.
See this article on flashing repair on a flat roof – https://flatroofdoc.com/flat-roof-repairs-flashing-greenwich/
We used Turbo Poly Seal from https://bergstromm.com/product/turbo-poly-seal-roof-repair-kit-5-ft/
Lacquer Thinners from Lowes – https://www.lowes.com/pd/Klean-Strip-32-fl-oz-Fast-to-Dissolve-Lacquer-Thinner/3608120
The trowel to use on a flat roof you can buy here https://www.amazon.com/MARSHALLTOWN-924-7-Inch-8-Inch-Gauging/dp/B000CET0GE?ref_=ast_bbp_dp

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