Full Roof Repair HOW-TO VIDEO- Vent Roof Leak, Plywood Patch, Felt Install, Shingle Install.

All items used and the estimated cost are listed below and every step is time stamped for you to use as a guide. #HowToRoof

In this video, like our other videos, we are showing you step-by-step how to tackle a full roof repair project on your own without having to pay a roofing company and saving you hundreds of dollars. For this roof repair, an expected total cost from a reputable roofing company can cost anywhere from $700.00 and more. Here we will be removing asphalt shingles, the plywood decking below it and we will show you how to reinstall it.
This project is a roof leak that was caused by a defected plastic attic vent. We are also replacing a mushroom vent with a metal vent and we are also going to show you how to roof around this vent. It’s a very detailed jam packed video and by far, the best roofing how-to video out there. Below you will find a list of the items and tools needed to complete this roof repair.
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Total Expected Material List and Estimated Cost:
1 (one) Bundle of matching color asphalt shingles
1 (one) 7/16in plywood OSB decking
1 (one) attic vent
1-2 (one to two) tubes of roof sealant
1 (one) 15lb felt
1 (one) 1/4in metal screws
1 (one) 5lb box of 1-¼” roofing nails
2”-3” Framing Nails
Estimated Total: $150-$185.00
Estimated Total Cost for this type of Roof Repair from a Roofing Company: +$700

Tools Needed:
Pencil, Hammer, Utility Knife with Hook Blade, Chalk line, Tape Measure, Flat bar, Recipitator Saw, Circular Saw, Caulk Gun, drill with proper drill bit. And as always, Safety First – Eye Protection and Gloves #diyroofing

Step # 1- 0:46 Pull roofing nails from the work area. Start 3 rows above the desired work area.
Step # 2- 2:09 Begin removing the needed roofing shingles from your work area.
Step # 3- 4:35 Remove any remaining fasteners from the work area including all roofing nails and plastic or metal caps.
Step # 4- 5:04 Locate studs/rafters. To predetermine your plywood cut.
Step # 5- 6:44 Use your claw bar to remove the framing nails from your stud line along your work area.
Step # 6- 7:44 Use your chalk line to mark the center of both vertical studs in your work area.
Step # 7- 9:00 Begin to cut your plywood. Make sure your saw depth is calibrated to the thickness of your roofs plywood.
Step # 8- 10:42 Install pre-cut plywood in the work area.
Step # 9- 13:00 Mark and cut out your circular cut for your attic vent.
Step # 10- 14:25 Install felt underlayment over your work area. Prepare for shingle install.
Step # 11- 16:20 Begin shingle install. Line up your new roofing shingles to the existing shingle pattern.
Step # 12- 24:52 Install 2 1-½” rubber gasket metal screws per side about 3 inches away from the flashing’s edge.
Step # 13- 25:10 Apply roof seal on all areas where the old and the new asphalt shingles meet. Make Sure you apply seal over the old nail holes.
That’s it guys and gals! You did it! You are all done with the roofing part of this small project. Now, go inside and work on your ceiling. Again remember to like and subscribe for more roofing how to videos. See you on the next one!

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