49 thoughts on “How To: $500 DIY Kitchen Remodel | Update Counter & Cabinets on a Budget

  1. jwl 2

    WOW…… whatta difference! It looks GREAT! I particularly love how you transformed the laminate counters to a glossy granite-like top surface!


    So, I am 5 years into the painted countertop- it looks great initially, but if your kitchen is used a lot, don't paint your countertops. It peels up, needs touched up all of the time, and eventually starts to peel so badly that you just want to set your kitchen on fire and collect the insurance money! I am finally going to cave and buy a new countertop. However, if you want to paint it to make it look nicer to sell the house, then by all means do it, and let the nightmare be someone else's problem!

  3. JB JB

    Getting rid of that one cabinet made a huge difference.

    What were people thinking back in the day when they'd hang cabinets in line of site?
    My parents old house had a counter and an entire row of cabinets that separated the dining from the kitchen. So you had a small kitchen and small dining area. If they'd just taken the cabinets along the wall they'd have had a huge kitchen and dining area. Smh

  4. Mark King

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  5. G S

    Looks awesome. I would love to do this also but hesitant because I would have to do it by myself and would also want a new sink and fauset and my tiles are loose. Kitchen is also 30 years old

  6. hots4jc

    Also put a coat of poly on your bead board. It will make cleaning easier and keep the board from getting scratched up from kids shoes while sitting at the bar in bar stools. Also keeps it water-resistant.

  7. Poveri Sfigati

    Hmm, what about the counter you added to the existing counter top,(approx) $90 at lowes. the L-brakets, (avg) $40 ea. ($160) at lowes. Joint compound? not to mention the tools, which not everybody has, you practically have a workshop, So unless you have all these materials plus tools just laying around this is not a $500 job.

  8. cook master

    very unsafe way to remove the cabinet. You should have put a stand or some thing on the countertop for teh cabinet drop and rest on. Lucky you escaped unhurt. Please follow safety as people who watch you may do the same ething you did and get hurt.

  9. Halibut 1

    Nice clean look, looks like brand new kitchen. Big improvements to countertops & cabinets. It creates a much more open look to your house (some like that, some want the kitchen separate, some even want the kitchen walled off separate). Kudos. Thanks for vid.

  10. Warren Bluffett

    Not a big deal but hope it helps someone out there. When wire nutting stranded wire and a solid let the stranded wire go in front of the solid as it goes into the wire nut. Lot of times lite goes out and all it is the white wire is not feeding the lite but you can't find the problem. In the end it's out all it was stranded wire not making enough contact.

  11. Shawn Baumann

    Had a question regarding this remodel

    When putting the primer on your counter, what type of counter did you have down? I currently have a old Formica and was planning on using a primer (white as I can’t find black in stores) and the kit you posted from Amazon. Will this work? Do I need to score the Formica first?


    literally everyones on internet painting cabnets white why???? wood is so beautiful ! you coulda striped and re stained white even! then put a top coat to make look like plastic shine and durable


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