20 thoughts on “How To Fix A Roof Leak | THE HANDYMAN |

  1. David Lysohirka

    Attempt to pin point where water is penetrating roof from inside….quick look….then map it out on roof. Chances are ,if you know what you are doing and looking for. …that repair will be staring right at you! Fix accordingly, move on.

  2. marbbridges

    Love your video. And you're right about inspectors, I am now currently fixing a roof leak where no tar paper was put. And the person who put it on there when I warrant it because transfer of ownership. Bad excuse for a cop out. I bought a house one time December 9th 92 December 26th of 92 excuse me 23rd of 92 how to replace the furnace inspections are not worth two cents you're better off do it yourself if you know what you're doing

  3. Super Gamer

    I appreciate your videos, I am learning a lot, specifically about roof flashing and leaks. I have been trying yo figure out why my 1st floor ceiling has a leek while the second floor above it foes not. I do not believe when I had the new roof done 8 or so years ago they did not use valley flashing but did use 2 layers of tar paper. Any hints how to do that joint for this novice? (Im asking because I have been out of work since march)

  4. Alan Velazquez

    Home inspectors here in Massachusetts are not allowed to go on roofs as it's a liability issue. Sellers are liable if the inspector falls off. They do roof inspections from the ground with binoculars or a drone


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