33 thoughts on “How to remove shingles to do a repair

  1. steve clonts

    Great video. One thing the “Novice” needs to understand is that once you detach the shingle with the flat bar. You also detach the asphalt that adheres the shingles together.
    Once that shingle detach s from the asphalt it is susceptible to the wind. In a high wind the exposed part of the shingle will flip over and break off.
    If you want to re attach the shingle. Put a “dab” of roofing cement under the tab of the shingles you’ve detached. That will re attach the exposed part of the shingle.

  2. Martin J Villasenor

    No safety precautions whatsoever!! Why a legitimate company would charge 3 or 4 hundred dollars for a repair is all the safety set-up needed that was not shown / repairman has to put on fall protection harness and other safety tools (knee pads, gloves, etc) / Ladder set-up and tie-off / harness set-up which usually requires the removal of several ridge pieces – screwing in a fall protection holding bracket / after securing your lanyard to your bracket and then to your harness, you can make your way down to look at the repair area in need of attention. All this takes time ($$$) before you start the actual repair. / after the repair is completed, you backtrack that same process until you leave no evidence that anyone was even on the roof. If the leak repair is successful (no leak) then the $300.00 is a good deal!

  3. billytheweasel

    Thanks Gary. So many good tips, what a help!
    Some guys call those 'cut outs – ' "keyways" – where I live. Also 'flat bars' are called "wonder bars" up here but that's a brand name I guess.
    I have a leak at an L-bracket for a guy wire electrical mast support and not sure what to do there.

  4. Rick L

    This is my go to video every time I loose a shingle off the garage,, there’s a tree close to the garage and it seams to be damaging the shingles on that side,, the other side facing away from the tree hasn’t lost any! Thanks for the great video!


    Just picked up a Dewalt utility knige and.bought the hook blades seperately..Took 5 mins to.unpackage it..then 20 minutes
    to figure out how.tp install. I am very impressed with the feel and quality of. It. Good video


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