24 thoughts on “How to repair a leaky asphalt shingle roof

  1. Craig F

    What kind of fabric is that you're using, what's proper name so I know what to ask for at the hardware store. I've noticed that some of that roofing cement comes in a clear cement also so that it dries clear instead of black, is one any better than the other?

  2. McElhone Sunderland


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  3. Sue

    How can you tell if there's a lot of damage without ripping up the shingles? My friends roof has two leaks and it's coming into the house…. Not good. And they don't have the money to have it repaired properly.

  4. patrick abate

    I just used the caulk to go around a skylight. Also seen this way and was hesitant because I have caulked many times better used tar on roof. Kinda rushed it because of time. If my caulk don’t stop the leak I’m going to tar and mesh it

  5. SJ H

    Its important to note that this would never pass a code or home inspection. Temporary fix maybe. A year at best. Might get two summers out of it or one winter. There is no substitute for new shingles. Better yet, take some older shingles from the drip edge and replace the cracked ones. Put new shingles at the edge on the rear of the house.

  6. billytheweasel

    Negative commenters that can fix a leak better and more cheaply please leave your name and phone number. There are enough people with more leaks than dollars who will keep you busy to your last breath.

  7. Stephen Mellis

    Well – I got up on the roof and did the repair. Hopefully I got the spot. It's supposed to rain Tuesday so I will stay home from work and go in the attic to see if any water is coming in and if so – then I can pinpoint the problem area for the repair. I can't depend on the roofer to show up when I want him to. I hope this repair will last long enough for the roofers to come over to do the whole roof replacement.

  8. Stephen Mellis

    Friggin roofers cant get back to me and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. This is a god-send for me! I can do this easy. I will try it and report back! Time to shower, get dressed and go to Home Depot! Wish me luck!

  9. Eric Tejeda

    I followed all the steps within this video and fixed 4 patches and my roof leak(s) are 100% covered and complete. I saved myself $895 in roof repair costs. I used Henry’s roof fabrics and Henry’s extreme roof patch; purchased a small trowel to spread the roof cement properly, through and through. In my opinion, a great video for those wanting to save money in expensive roof repair costs. Total cost of material was $69.45. Beat that! Thank you for the video!


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