How-To Repair Damaged Roofing Plywood|Roof Repair Step by Step

In this video we will demonstrate How-to Roof Repair bad plywood decking caused from a roof leak. We take you step by step minute per minute to make it as easy and hassle free for everyone to understand. All questions/requests are welcomed. If there is a “How-To” video you’d like to see, please comment below or message us online. We are here to make roofing simple for everyone to understand. #diyroofing

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Items/ Tools Needed- Hammer, Utility Knife with Hook Blade, Hand Held Drill, ¼’’ Hex Head Drill Bit, ¼’’ 1’’ Metal Roofing Screw with rubber gasket, plywood, claw bar, 2-½” Framing Nails, Chalk Line, Tape Measure, Claw bar, Sharpie Marker, Circular Saw,
Safety First: Eye Protection and Gloves
*Proper Plywood Install Images-
Step # 1- 0:20 Prepare work area by Removing Felt Underlayment.
Pro Tip- Removing Metal/Plastic Caps first makes this a lot easier.
Step # 2- 0:47 (X/Y) Use your Chalk Line to mark your Y studs.
Pro Tip- Use the Existing Framing Nails to Help find your Y studs/rafters.
Step # 3- 1:10 Use Chalk line to mark X lines (top and bottoms lines).
Pro Tip- Find a square edge to use as a guide point, either the nearest plywood joint or the top or bottom roof edge. Important to make sure these marks are at an exact 90 degree angle.
Step # 4- 2:25 Use your Claw Bar to remove all framing nails near your marked chalk line areas an studs.
Pro Tip- This way you dont ruin your saw blade by cutting through framing nails, and plywood removal is easy!
Step # 5- 3:09 Use your saw to cut your plywood (marked chalk lines) CUT ON CENTER OF STUDS.
Pro- Tip- Calibrate saw for proper depth to insure you don’t cut the studs.
Step # 6- 4:21 Remove Damaged Plywood decking.
Pro- Tip: Once removed make sure you inspect studs for any lifted nails or wood chips make sure you have a smooth flat stud.
Step # 7- 5:07 Get measurements of all 4 sides.
Pro- Tip: Make new plywood cut on the floor it’s a lot easier than doing it on the roof.
Step # 8- 5:39 Position new plywood cut in area.
Note: Plywood should fit snug and tight around all 4 sides for a firm patch.
Step # 9- 7:18 Nail Down new plywood with framing nails.
Pro-Tip: Space nails 6-8” apart.

All done! I hope this was helpful. Enjoy your new roof project! #plywoodrepair

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