How to Repair Flat Roof Flashing Leak easy and fast

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An easy trick to Repair Flat Roof Flashing Leak. Flashing causes 90% of all leaks on a FLAT ROOFS. Understand why the walls and flashing will cause leaks and how to go about repairing these issues. After 35 years of being a roofer, repairing leaks whether it be on chimneys, skylights, vents, air conditioning curbs, drains, or walls, the flashing has been causing the leaks.
All these items mentioned above have to do with the transition from a roof to an object. It is very rare to see a leak come from the roof membrane itself. EPDM rubber roofs tend to leak more than all other roofing systems from the seams.
Super Silicone Seal –

0:00 90% of Flat Roof leaks is flashing
1:14 Why caulking does not work
3:11 How to fix flashing – Super Silicone
5:59 Advantages of Super Silicone Seal

How to repair flashing that causes leaks on a flat roof:
1. Use an angle grinder with a stiff wire brush to remove any tar, caulking, and paint that has been used by others to make repairs
2. Use masking tape to tape off the wall approximately 21/2 inches above the flashing and 21/2 inches below from where the metal meets the wall
3. Use a disposable paintbrush and apply 1 coat of Super Silicone Seal covering the area between the 2 masked off areas
4. Embed the 4″ polyester fleece into the freshly painted Sealant
5. Apply a topcoat of Super Silicone Seal covering the fleece
6. Use a dry rag to wipe off any spills on the flashing
7. Remove the masking tape while everything is still wet

The Super Silicone Seal is made by
These 2 sealants will adhere to metal, plexiglass, glass, EPDM Rubber, Asphalt.

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