(HOW TO) Repair Single Wide Mobile Home Trailer Roof Training

(HOW TO) Repair Single Wide Mobile Home Trailer Roof Training

Roof replacement on a Single wide Mobile Home.
(Mobile Home Roof Training How To)

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We are installing 1×4 strapping so we can install the OSB sheeting.
We then install OSB Sheeting to the Lattice we installed on the Mobile Home Roof.
When we installed the OSB sheeting we Gave it a 6 inch over hang so as to be able to add a over hang.
We then added a 2×4 sub facial using screws.



00:16. What it looks like before we start.

00:52. Installing strapping.

01:16. Explaining where to screw.

02:03. Explaining the 6 inch over hang.

03:15. Installing Blocking at seams.

03:56. Installing the 2×4 sub facial.

05:06 Explaining the 2×4 bevel on the sub facial.

05:33 Cutting the Rubber on the ground.

05:44 Installing the rubber.

06:14 starting the glue down on the EPDM.

06:34. Showing the glue we use.

07:09. showing the laying out of the EPDM.

07:23. Installing the Coil Stock Facial Metal.

07:34. Explaining the Metal Facial.

08:23. Nailing the Metal Explained.

09:09. Final Steps Installing the Termination Bar to the Rubber.

09:56. seaming the EPDM Rubber to Rubber.

12:18. Drew Talking at the end of the Video.

13:37. Finished Product. Must See.

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