23 thoughts on “How to Replace or Repair a Damaged Shingle by RoofingIntelligence.com

  1. Lrhc Conrad

    Home owners beware . notice how the shingles are not laminated together . your project will definitely be a lot harder then in this video . wear gloves and if you can find an old couch cushion sponge to work off of your job will go much better . stay out of your valleys if at all possible .if you don't feel comfortable up on your roof you should not be up there . 1 trip to the hospital would pay for a new roof profesionaly installed . good luck and you never know till you try .

  2. fastfreddy3000

    I usually just buy a case of silicone and silicone the fuck out of 3 ft.² in and around the area . I’m usually done the first house I had the roof was 100% silicone after 18 years, But I still think I was ahead ! instead of replacing the whole roof every other year or so

  3. Nicholas Swisher

    This did not work for me. My 1-year-old Owens-Corning shingles must be nuclear sealed. Neither a prybar, a shingle ripper, a putty knife or even a *&*& reciprocating saw can undo my shingles. I cannot find any video telling me what to do. I took a heat gun up there and that kind of works but my God these shingles will not loosen.

  4. Anna Martha

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  5. Richard Hatt

    Here is a tip from a pro; put a 12" piece in first before you put the full shingle in. You do not want a joint that close to the bottom of the valley. It is better to run it under as far as possible. Your shingles are stepped over about 6" so a 12" piece will bring the joint 6" past the joint.

  6. Journeyman

    I pretty much know that there are two types of people in the world: Those who can teach and those who can do.
    You Sir are obviously one of those rare people that can do both!
    Thanks for helping me fix my roof!


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