Kitchen Island Size and Spacing Ideas

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DIY Kitchen Island Planning – In this episode we’ll walk through the basics of planning, sizing and spacing out your kitchen island. We will be building a custom …

43 thoughts on “Kitchen Island Size and Spacing Ideas

  1. Charlissa Berry

    Alot of great info to take into consideration! I would really like to update my kitchen but I want to try to do it myself… (I have never built anything before) but youtube can teach me! 🤣

  2. secret garden

    Bonjour can you coming in algeria for transformât m'y kitchen I am very poor thank you it's gorgeous a big l'île from algeria iAm not very fluent in english thanks to share

  3. tommygirl20247

    Is a 4ft by 2ft island be enough for 2 bar stools? Would it be comfortable? There would be no sink, just a blank quartz island. I just want it there mostly for prep work, that why i moved the sink.

  4. danny302

    Great video as usual.  Can you explain what kind of joist you have in the basement?  It looked like some type of 2×4 with metal strapping in between.  Is that true?  It was a quick shot in the video when you explained about putting outlets in the island…  Just never seen that here in NY.  Thanks!

  5. Susan Lee

    Thanks for your replies😊 I wish you much blessings and success! Beautiful work! I personally prefer pull out drawers to those lower cabinet drawers because it is easier to utilize all your space.

  6. Peter Poertner

    Great visualization Pete!  The painters tape on the floor, using objects around the house to help you see how the finished project fits in and simply opening your appliances in relation to the island are awesome pointers!  The island project in itself is exciting, but when you started talking about opening the wall with folding doors out to a deck…Forgeddaboutit!

  7. Susan Lee

    I am wondering if that was inches or feet. No frame; it looked like you were outside but there was snow. The glass was insulated,and it was the whole length of the kitchen, dining, and living area. In the video it also showed interior floor and exterior floor which looked the same with the panoramic, folding doors closed and it looked like a beautiful painting. Suppose that can be good or no. 😊

  8. Susan Lee

    It was an add that I shared with my brother, who was also interested. It was a glass wall like a huge picture window. I googled it, and there are several companies. One has a span of up ( I think -56 or 58” ). There are several manufacturers. The ones we saw on the video add were all glass and was an exterior wall. You could open it up to make part of the outside an larger living space or for a party. Google it. They rock! They fold to the area of a reg door when opened completely yet they are secure when closed. We were sold from the add however we don’t know the price as he was looking for the right piece of .land. BTY I love that you actually measured for use of chairs. There is an impasse with chairs on our island if there are chairs at the table.How efficient is that gorgeous stove?

  9. Susan Lee

    Have you seen panoramic windows? They open up a whole wall area and when they are open the space is only about the same as an open door. They are also secure. Many have not heard of them so thought I would mention it_

  10. Barry Roberts

    Pete your house is amazing and that Kitchen Island will look amazing as well. What else can i say about that Fire but WoW, i really love that it can be moved around to direct the heat, and the Summer Evenings idea would be brilliant. Send me an invite next time you have a party, ill be on the next flight with the wife of course. Keep on with this Renovation i'm lovin' it. Take Care.
    Barry (ENG)

  11. Benni

    nice video, and here another inspiration: you could make a little secret door or something like that to hide money, passworts etc, would be awesome 😀
    oh and nice yellow armband ^^
    ( is it a "LiveStrong" one ? )


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