Liquid rubber flat roofing system for new flat roofs or roof repairs

We have been using liquid flat roofing systems for some years now. The old style GRP or Glassfiber flat roofs are becoming a thing of the past because of the difficulties on laying them and their rigidity. Liquid rubber and flexible polymer roofing systems have taken over a large part of the flat roofing market. The ability to flex over the duration of its lifespan is necessary for a flat roofing system. The application known as wet on wet has taken over thus allowing a new flat roof to be finished in a day. Also, the newer liquid roofing systems are able to be laid at 0c and rising and the flat roof can even be slightly wet as this helps the activation of the product. Other benefits of the new roofing system are that they are virtually odour free and can be used next to air-conditioning units on existing roofs, so perfect for overlaying old flat roofs that still have working plant on them. Unlike the old mineral felt roofing or asphalt roofing systems these new products don’t need to use an open flame and thus the worry of fire is not an issue.

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