33 thoughts on “My Kitchen Pantry Tour! PANTRY ORGANIZATION IDEAS

  1. Rodeo Clown Obama

    glad to see you like heinz ketchup, since I'm from pittsburgh. I actually save the the lid from a used bottle, wash it, then I all ways have a clean lid for my ketchup. delallo products are just about the best. angel hair , I make it with butter, olive oil and , garlic ( I run through my garlic press) , and some cayenne pepper , I just cut them with a pair culinary scissors, and of'course some fresh parmesan reggiano. I have bay leaves that are 30 years old, man are they good

  2. world of fun

    I love your attention to small details.. Your kitchen is really looks good and amazing… We want a home tour Please.. Best youtuber ever❤️❤️❤️😍😘🏡

  3. A Foodie’s World

    Where do you live? Your house is massive ! Good thing I don't have that many things to store haha! I will need to sell my son if I need a house your size , that is if he is worth 6 million hahaha!

  4. Marta Trinceri

    NatashaYou are so beautiful. Always smiling. I just subscribe to your channel. Thank you for sharing your videos of Your beautiful kitchen and Pantry. And of course your delicious recipes, ❤❤❤

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