Repair Metal Roof Leaks | 3 methods shown Learn How to DIY | Turbo Poly Seal vs Super Silicone Seal

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Most metal roofs that are leaking, can be repaired. This video is on How to Do it Yourself fixing metal roof leaks. Watch 3 different ways on How to repair leaks on a metal roof. These repairs prevent further rust and corrosion at seams and screws. See the comparison between Turbo Poly Seal and Super Silicone Seal at 13 min 34 sec. See how tight the screws must be at 6 minutes.
This method can be applied to make FLaT ROOF REPAIRS

Watch this video on Repairing a metal Roof seam –

Turbo Poly Seal and Super Silicone Seal –

Buying sealants or any tar from Home Depot or Lowes will cause more headaches and grief once they are applied. Never use cheap materials like the Henry brand to make repairs. it will cost more to undo later than doing it right the 1st time.

0:00 Metal Roof seam leaks
1:38 Removing screws and cleaning
2:06 Separating panels at seam
2:49 Cleaning seam with grinder
3:40 Showing the rust and holes
3:59 Applying Turbo Po;y Seal
5:34 Results after 1 day
6:06 Screwing down the seam
7:22 Inserting Metal to repair seam
10:04 Another method to repair seam
10:47 Grinding Clean the seam
11:20 Applying Turbo Poly Seal
11:33 Estimating feet per gallon
11:55 Painting Silver Coat Protection
13:34 Turbo Poly Seal vs Super Silicone
16:39 Covering the screws with SSS

How to repair the flashing on a leaky flat roof.
Follow these steps:
1. Remove all old caulking and tar that was used to seal the flashing
2. Use an angle grinder with a hard-wire steel cone brush to remove about five inches of paint on the brick or cement wall above the metal flashing
3. Wipe the metal flashing thoroughly with lacquer thinners to remove any residue of silicone from the metal
4. Use masking tape to seal about three inches on the wall above the metal and also 2 inches below the grove on the metal. (this is for making it look clean when done)
5. Apply one coat of Turbo Poly Seal covering the entire area between the two masking tapes.
6. While wet, embed the Polyester Fleece into the Turbo Poly Seal
7. Apply a coat of Turbo Poly Seal to cover the entire fleece
8. Wait 10 min and then remove the masking tape.
8. After 30 minutes, the Turbo Poly Seal flashing can be painted with urethane-based paint.

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