22 thoughts on “Repairing Leaking Shingle Roof

  1. William James Rapp

    I wish you would have done more of a tutorial video ( showing HOW you did what you did ) instead of a video that just shows us what you did.
    For example, you did not show HOW you set the new plywood in if there was nothing to screw it into. ALSO would have been nice to see HOW you marry in the new shingles to weave them into the old shingles

  2. Cortez312 Cortez312

    You were cutting into what is called the ladder on the roof edge of the gable. This work can be done this way but there are easier ways. Once the sheeting was replaced I would have used ice and water under the shingles.

  3. Mike Smith

    I think I would’ve gotten down in there and taken out the rottin insulation and put new down and thrown a bunch of mice blocks in there. Then closed it up and put paper down then the shingles. Yes that’s what did with an house I had. We were having problems with mice.


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