Replacing Rotten Plywood on a flat roof – Small repair is a disaster

Please watch: “Fast Cheap Easy Flat Roof Install – Will last 30 years – Start to Finish – Wife and Me only – DIY” –~–
Replacing rotten plywood on a flat roof. This job turned out bigger than what I bargained for. When you do favors for a friend, that normally happens.
Just get an idea of how to do a Self Stick Roofing System. If you see how easy this is, then you can save yourself a lot of money.

0:00 Joking with Bud Casell
0:48 Introducing my newlywed wife
1:35 Stripping shingles off
2:33 Surprise to find rotten plywood
3:17 Just opened a can of worms
4:58 What is your opinion?
6:20 Allie wants a comment on her work
6:47 Installing new plywood
7:51 Self Stick base installed
8:53 Installing drip edge
9:08 Carrying Cap sheet up the ladder
9:59 Installing Self Stick Cap sheet
11:43 My Opinion on Favors

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