Roof Repair Asphalt Shingles Hurricane Damage 3 – Replace Shingle Section

Asphalt Shingles – Replacing shingle section from wind damage.
How to repair asphalt shingles – series of roof repairs. Repairing Asphalt shingles from storm damage. No water damage on this one. Just damaged and missing roof shingles. We were very lucky as we were in line with the NE side of the eye, which is the worst part. Finally was able to repair these shingles 6 months after the hurricane.
This video is the third in a series of 7 videos. This video focuses mainly on removing the remains of the asphalt shingles, and replacing with new asphalt shingles. There was not any water damage, or any tree damage. So it is just a matter of removing the damaged shingles, cleaning up the area, and installing new shingles in place. There are 6 separate sections that I will take apart and put back together in this video series.

1 – Assessing the damage

2 – Replacing 3 shingle tabs and a cap

3 – Replacing section of damaged shingles

4 – Replace 1 shingle tab

5 – Replacing section of damaged shingles

6 – Replacing section of shingles that is into aluminum ridgevent

7 – Replacing 4 rows of damaged shingles

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