22 thoughts on “Roof Repair : Repairing a damaged shingles , the best way!!

  1. Ed T

    Terrible video. Showed the eazy stuff, skipped all the stuff I wanted to know. Watched him pull nails for 5 minutes and then, SHAZAM!! the new felt paper magically appeared where it is supposed to be.

  2. Svetlana Kravit

    Great video, looks very simple in the video, but I bet for case to case situation it might get tricky, but installation concept in practical application is well provided. Thanks

  3. krys

    Thank you so very much for your time and video, it has enlightened me to be able to fix my roof the right way.  Your instruction was spot on and very thoughtful. Blessings

  4. Prairie Viking

    I see where the new felt is underneath the old felt at the top, but what about on the sides? Did you also put the new felt underneath the old felt and seal it with roofing cement?

  5. Dt

    Definitely needs a new roof. Needs to be Re- decked as well with osb decking. The roof isn't up to code with skip decking. That is of course if Nebraska's state building codes requore osb decking on all residential roofs. Skip decking is no good. I live here in Oklahoma, and I'm a roofing contractor. I run into this type of decking frequently when dealing with & replacing older roofs. They take on a lot of leaks. Good repair though

  6. Myron Piano

    Perfecto Garcia. You fixed it beautifully. That tarp might have worked if it had gone all the way down from the ridge covering the whole side, but when something is done wrong there is always trouble


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