Roof Repair Using Kwik Plug Patch

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I like to keep my instructional videos informative, professional, and to the point. This is not one of those videos. I’m not a contractor, roofer, or handyman. I don’t advise you do anything in this video. This is just a look into a typical weekend at my house, especially if I have something unexpected to repair. It’s sarcastic, full of bad jokes, and worse advice.

All that being said, this patch has worked great! We’ve had a bunch of rain since I made this repair, and I see no signs of water in my attic or on the inside of the sheathing. A bundle of shingles, roll of tar paper, and the patch was less than $100, and it took me a couple hours to knock out, with filming! Regardless if this isn’t the right way to patch a roof, it worked. If it keeps water out of my house, it’s good enough. I hope you enjoyed the video!

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Intro: (0:00)
Temp Repair: (0:40)
The Hole: (2:26)
Shingle Removal: (2:52)
Cutting a Larger Hole: (4:13)
Repair: (5:25)
Outtake – Jets: (6:43)

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