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How to roof? You can’t! Replace architect shingles and plywood.

Hey Home Menders! You can’t do that! Words Poison to the to do list. Dustin shares when people have told him He couldn’t. Tree branch through the roof, An awesome… Read more »

When Should I Replace My Roof? (From a Roofing Contractor)

When do you actually need to replace your roof vs. just repairing it? Sometimes, you can get away with just a #roofrepair vs. having to spend the money to get… Read more »

Roof repairs with Flex Seal: Please don’t do it.

Contractors we recommend near you: https://directorii.com Roof Repairs and Flex Seal: Please Don’t Do it…. Dmitry Explains why Flex Seal is a bad idea for roof repairs Dmitry’s online school… Read more »