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What to Expect When Changing Your Roof

It’s roof renovation day! It’s a lot of really hard work and to be honest with you, I’m getting to be that age where if I fell off a roof… Read more »

3 ways to fix leaking roof and gutters – DIY

This is 3 different ways how to fix leaking roof and gutters. These 3 options are the only methods you will need to repair the majority of roof and gutter… Read more »

How to roof? You can’t! Replace architect shingles and plywood.

Hey Home Menders! You can’t do that! Words Poison to the to do list. Dustin shares when people have told him He couldn’t. Tree branch through the roof, An awesome… Read more »

DIY: How To Reroof A Roof

This BYOT DIY project is all about how to install a new roof. This is a step by step tutorial will show how to reroof a roof from start to… Read more »