The Five Most–Common Causes of Roof Leaks – And What You Can Do

Have you noticed a drip, water stains on your ceilings, bubbling interior paint, or a musty smell in your home? If so, you may have a roof leak.

In this video Retex Roofing’s Josh Lewis walks you through the five most-common reasons why your roof may be leaking, and what you can do immediately to address the issue.

Whether or not you’ve figured out the cause of the leak, it’s wise to get a second opinion by an expert who will inspect your roof – especially when you only notice the issue during stormy weather. If you’re a homeowner in the Richmond, Virginia, area, give our Retex Roofing team a call at 804-442-3314 or reach out to us on our website, at – we’d love to help you out.

0:00 Introduction
0:37 Hole In Your Roof
0:56 Recommendation: Place Tarp Over Hole, But Don’t Remove Tree Or Limb By Yourself
1:08 Pipe Collars
1:43 Step Flashing
2:14 Missing, Damaged Shingles
2:32 Most Asphalt Shingle Roofs Last About 20-25 Years
2:48 Nail Pops
3:22 Nail Pop-Related Leak Signs: Water Spots On Ceilings, Bubbling Interior Paint, Musty Smell In Attic
3:33 Your Gutters
4:55 (804)-442-3314

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