The TRUTH About RV Roofs + The Best RV Roof Repair Option

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Today we’re saying goodbye to annual RV roof maintenance and revealing how RV dealerships and manufacturers aren’t telling you the whole truth about RV roofs. Join us as we replace our 3-year-old RV roof with Flex Amor and see why we think every RV (no matter how old or new) should do this too.

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00:00 Intro to RV roof maintenance video
01:08 Why we’re replacing our RV roof (and why age doesn’t matter for RV roof damage)
02:30 How RV manufacturers and dealerships are lying to you about your RV roof
03:20 Why fiberglass RV Roofs aren’t damage-proof
04:10 Why we replaced our RV roof with Flex Armor
07:01 Process of getting your RV roof replaced with Flex Armor
09:10 Why we chose Flex Armor over roll-on roof replacements
09:35 How Flex Armor is applied
10:50 The BIG reveal!
13:04 How much our Flex Armor RV roof replacement cost

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